Bird Beak Adaptation 1What is improvisation?

Improvisation is nature’s way of producing favorable outcomes by responding to the environment with adaptive behaviors.

Why is it important to business?

71% of leadership decisions are made spontaneously in response to a changing environment.* These decisions account, on average, for 40% of a company’s revenue.* No other area of business that is so prevalent and impacts revenue to such a degree has been so neglected in classic management theory.* This represents a huge set of opportunities to most companies.

What kinds of opportunities?

The opportunities you’re missing due to the inability to adapt effectively to a changing environment. Adaptive behaviors result in optimal spontaneous decision-making. This means, no matter what situation we find ourselves in, the ability to improvise improves our odds of getting favorable outcomes from that situation. And what is business–what is life?–if not the act of shifting the odds, patiently and persistently, in the direction of favorable outcomes?

* Source: The Effect of Improvisation on Organizational Leadership; doctoral dissertation by Dr. Farnaz Tabaee; Pepperdine University School of Psychology and Education; May, 2013



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