I got back to L.A. yesterday from Singapore, flew straight out of that fevered dream of an island nation into a national holiday, and this, my meditation on the man for whom the day is named:

Always subvert the status quo. Where there is racism, rectify it.  Where there is violence, pacify it. Where there is ignorance, educate it. Where nothing grows, plant a seed. Enliven the dying. Liberate the imprisoned. Mend the broken. Meet silence with song, noise with serenity, sadness with compassion, and gloom with humor. Remember what has been forgotten and make young what has grown old. The only thing that never has to change is love, because in eradicating the ordinary, we discover love as if for the first time. And in discovering love anew, we subvert our own stale selves and are re-born in a better world. MLK 1

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