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GameChangers: Improvisation for Business in the Networked World (Hardcover)

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The book that started it all! GameChangers CEO Mike Bonifer explores improvisation as a means to positively affect business performance. Industrial Age paradigms are contrasted with the current Networked model of business, as Mike delivers a practical, comprehensive curriculum to improve improvisational skills. A must read for today’s business professional!

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  • Description

    Before there was GameChangers LLC, there was GameChangers: Improvisation for Business in the Networked World.

    More than a text on business theory, CEO Mike Bonifer takes the reader through his philosophy for business performance improvement, drawing from the time-honored tradition of improv theater training to develop tactics for the modern business professional.

    A word from GameChangers CEO Mike Bonifer:

    As we move from the rigid, hierarchical organizations of the Industrial Age to the fluid, non-linear models of the Networked World, GameChangers have never been more important or essential. Whenever teamwork, creativity, flexibility and problem-solving skills are necessary for success, these players step up. They develop relationships that are good for business. They pay careful attention to details and at the same time have expansive worldviews. They are quick-on-their-feet, unflappable and in tune with their teammates, stakeholders and the marketplace. They are the top performers in any organization – the best managers, the most resourceful employees, the culture-shapers. They play the game and make things happen. In short, GameChangers are masters of improvisation in business.

    Here’s what Charles L. Frost, Business Educator and Executive Coach, had to say about GameChangers: Improvisation for Business in the Networked World …

    “Mike Bonifer’s GameChangers is anchored in the principle that WE have the best collective solution to our challenges, opportunities, and complex problems. OUR innovation, creativity, improvement, inspiration and intuition are tremendous assets that we have the opportunity to seize on a daily basis. Change juxtaposed against best business principles is the constant contest. GameChangers gives a team, its leaders and its individual players Substantial and Sensible tools for resolving this contest First and Best. Wondering how to achieve the highest levels of business reinvention, rejuvenation and relevance? Wow…Done, Done, and DONE!”

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    5 reviews for GameChangers: Improvisation for Business in the Networked World (Hardcover)

    1. Rated 5 out of 5

      Avid Reader

      great book…

      I am surprised frankly at how effective this method of improving my business performance has been. Better reviews, stronger relationships, increased sales have all been the result of putting the recommendations from this book to work. This guy should adapt this for family life or marriage, and help readers put it to work at home. Excellent book.

    2. Rated 5 out of 5

      Jim Belson

      GAMECHANGERS – Business advice and DEEP insight for LIFE

      GameChangers is not only a fascinating insightful tale of how to get ahead in the business world but also a well crafted vision on how to play the game of life. GameChangers illustrates the importance of knowing the art of improvisation in this day and age of interconnectedness. Communication and open eyes are needed inorder to play ‘the game’ successfully. ANY GAME! GameChangers is a brillant guide, a golden tool, for anyone who wants a better grasp on how to stir up, spur on and manifest any and all business or personal goals and dreams…

    3. Rated 5 out of 5

      Marty Newman – Pitney Bowes, Inc.

      Gamechangers – a must read!

      The bookcases in my office are filled with hundreds of business books I have read in my 30 career in sales and management with Fortune 500 companies. Some of these books are good – some even great but the concepts Mr. Bonifer shares in GameChangers are astounding. I love how his humor and storytelling style keep the ideas pictured in my mind’s eye. It is the new business and “life” bible for my organization.

      You only go around once. This guy has figured out how to do it right. An easy read that will immediately help you capitalize on your strengths and become dramatically more effective in business and everything you do.

    4. Rated 5 out of 5

      John Marshall Roberts

      Beyond description

      Have you ever found yourself in the flow, dancing with the world as if was part of one spontaneous, elaborate orchestra? Of course you have. Everyone has. As children these experiences are quite common. Yet as we grow up these flow experiences seem to fade, along with out memories of a simpler more joyful time. Is it possible to recapture this same childlike wonder as jaded adults scraping for survival in a world of a collapsing stock market, terror threats, and almost double digit unemployment?

      Yes, absolutely. And this book shows you how.

      Bonifer knows that improvisation is the secret skill of today’s world shaping visionaries. Divorced from ideology, free from the burdens of security seeking and the need to survive, these leaders are dancing with the fierce urgency of present moment, creating whatever their deeper nature guides them to create. And, on top of all that, they’re having fun.

      Success and fun need no longer be in opposition. Sustainable success comes only to those with the courage to shed survival-based thinking of the past and revel in the joyful uncertainty of the present. This happy, game-changing truth lies embedded at the very core of this uncommonly generous and inspired book.

      Buy it. Read it. And listen for the music between the words.

    5. Rated 5 out of 5

      Rasul Sha’ir

      The book that will forever change your game. . .

      Now I haven’t read every book on business management, innovation and marketing but I’ve read alot. And Mike’s book by far has the market cornered in terms of a truly radically different approach as how to innovate, stay relevant and flourish in today’s networked world. I discovered his blog before his book actually hit the stores and immediately the whole idea of improvisation hit me hard and I “got it” immediately. I took the opportunity to interview him for my company’s blog and we’ve since then gotten to know each other well. I’ve seen his improvisation methodologies at work with teams and it is ABSOLUTELY amazing how impacting they are and the significance of his ideas as we continue our march into new territory in the 21st Century. This book is by far in my top 3 favorite business books of all time. Buy it and you’ll thank yourself again and again for doing so.

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