We would not be true to our GameChangers charter if we didn’t change our own game. Truth be told, we do it a lot. We’ve been changing our game from the get-go. What we do today is a lot different than what we did when we launched the company in 2007-8. This next gamechange will be dramatic. Beginning in Q1 2015. GameChangers will no longer be the name of our company (though it’ll remain the parent brand for now). The work we do will continue to draw heavily on improvisation and game structure, as we become the one of the world’s first commercial practitioners in a field known as quantum storytelling, which we’ve been studying and participating in for the past 4 years. For example, I contributed a chapter to this new book about quantum storytelling

Quantum storytelling is a field in organizational theory that explores how stories live in networks, communities and organizations, and what the managers and leaders of those groups can do about it.

Our commercial name for quantum storytelling is “Big Story.” We describe it as a way of using story to make better sense of Big Data. A client of ours calls it “a theory of story.” Which is cool. To that, we’ll add, it is both Theory and Practice of story. And unless you’re a Hopi shaman a quantum physicist or a trained improviser, the odds are it’s unlike any theory or practice of story you’ve encountered.

The theory of Big Story will give our clients more ways of seeing and expressing relationships between data and story.

The practice of BigStory consistently improves the odds of a company or community’s bets on the future.

Welcome to our bet on the future. Today, Big Story is what we do. We always have, really, we just never had the names to name it or the structure to define it. Today we do. Today, we own it, in order to share it with you.

Happy New Year!

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